Family law

Family law is a complex area of law due to the wide range of cases it involves. On one hand it requires great dedication and empathy in order to ensure the personal care of the parties involved, while on the other hand, a high comprehension level of economic interrelationships is required, placing considerable demands on the quality of legal advice.

The fascination for this field of law and the professional competence and specialization of the lawyers working in this area are prerequisites for the best tailor-made solution for our clients before all courts as well as out of court and in cases of mediation.

In the best case scenario a marriage is concluded and both partners grow old together. However, in case of a dispute or separation, it is important to resolve the sensitive and often existential problems which might result and to tactically set the course for the best individual solutions at an early stage. If children are involved, their interests must be protected to a special degree.

You can rely on our experience and expertise in family law – we are committed to our clients and to find the best possible resolution for you.

• At the same time, we offer comprehensive advice on all legal issues pertaining to marriage even before the marriage takes place:

  • Arrangements regarding the assets of both partners
  • Separation of property is sensible and possible
  • Rights and duties in marriage
  • Division of assets in the event of divorce
  • Arrangements for custody

These points represent only a small selection of the issues that arise in connection with a marriage or a registered partnership and must be taken into account, especially if at least one partner brings large assets, companies, or interests in companies into the marriage.

In a crisis or after a separation, our range of representation and advice includes the following exemplary areas:

  • divorce, dissolution of marriage and divorce consequences
  • property distribution among spouses and non-marital partnerships as well as equalization of gains
  • tailor-made individual drafting of prenuptial agreements and agreements on the consequences of divorce
  • disposition of co-ownership of real estate and condominiums
  • spousal, child and parental support as well as support of unmarried persons
  • adoption proceedings, paternity and parentage
  • pension equalization between spouses and pensions
  • health care proxy and living wills
  • custody and contact proceedings
  • violence protection proceedings
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