Labor law

We advise and represent employees, executives, managing directors and board members in all employment law matters – out of court and in court.

We are independent, persistent and consistent in representing your interests. As our client, you can expect highly qualified professional advice and dedicated representation of your interests that goes far beyond the usual.

We represent employers as well as employees and last but not least professional athletes.

The main focus of our work, in addition to the constant monitoring of day-to-day operational personnel work, including changes to operational structures and processes, is also the provision of counsel and support in the restructuring of companies. This encompasses all issues relating to operational changes, including personnel adjustments, outsourcing and changes in working conditions.

In addition to providing advice, including contractual arrangements, our daily practice also includes negotiations with company works councils, trade unions, employees and their representatives. Another focus is on advising companies and the self employed/ subcontractors on their position in the company and on exemption from compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance scheme. We also accompany employers during company audits by the German Pension Insurance.

We provide competent and quick answers to labor law questions that arise in everyday business life. We draft your employment contracts, service contracts and managing director contracts. We also provide support in the termination of employment relationships. We ensure that your interests are effectively enforced by conducting out-of-court contract negotiations and negotiations for the termination of employment relationships.

If required, we train executives and personnel managers as well as works councils on labor and social security law issues in seminars lasting one or several days.

Employees / Senior Executives
  • • Dismissal of executive employees, action for protection against dismissal
  • Transfer, secondment, withdrawal of duties
  • Dismissal with notice of change
  • Legal protection against release from work, employment action
  • Termination agreement, early retirement, severance pay
  • Warning, personnel discussion
  • Change-of-Control
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Salary action, action for bonus or other variable remuneration (bonus, management bonus, gratuity, stock options, dividends)
  • Assignment abroad, return and continued employment
  • Non-compete clauses, compensation for waiting periods
  • Liability and compliance, whistleblowing
  • Temporary employment
Managing Directors / Board Members On Their Own Behalf
  • Service contract, employment contract (managing director contract, board member contract)
  • Dismissal, resignation, termination
  • Compensation, bonus, variable compensation
  • Liability, damages (manager liability)
  • Advice and representation in compliance proceedings
  • Advice and representation in regulatory proceedings of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
  • Non-compete clause, compensation for waiting
  • Termination agreement, discharge
  • Changes to rules of procedure and business areas
  • Disputes with shareholder-managing directors
  • Retirement benefits
  • D&O insurance
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