Legal Project Management

To us every mandate and every file also represents a project. Therefore we view ourselves as legal project managers. We undertake a careful assessment of the assignment, which enables us to advise you in a targeted manner and to better manage your overall expectations, including costs.

We plan out our work and the work of colleagues we may need as specialist consultants in your project/mandate. This allows us to task your project more effectively and efficiently, reduce risk and errors and thereby relieve potential stress factors.

We provide you with an overview of the necessary work steps needing to be completed, allowing us to keep costs under control.

You the client get a custom tailored approach; all parties involved are clear on their responsibilities and work steps are completed in sequence and without duplication; but most importantly, cost budgets and schedules are met.

We manage projects with a commercial law background (e.g. complex company formations, sales, and acquisitions along with the associated due diligences as well as restructurings, etc.) and we support and coordinate complex contentious proceedings for you and/or your legal department.

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