Sports law

Due to our many years of involvement in the sports, media and entertainment sector, we have a unique understanding and legal knowledge of these particular industries. Thusly we can satisfy our clients specialized needs through the development of custom-fit solutions and ensuring the application of existing law in our clients best interest.

Sports law represents a sector of increasing economic, fiscal and labor law importance in regards to sports clubs, sport associations and sports companies, therefore increasingly requiring specialized legal knowledge. In the day to day environment of club and association life, athletes and managers inevitably have to answer questions involving a wide range of sports and event law topics, such as:

  • Contract law and its Interpretation
  • Liability
  • Club and Association Law
  • Tax law
  • Insolvency law
  • Project Financing
  • Competition Regulations

We also deal with the increasingly prevalent issues of doping and drug abuse, sports manipulation and criminal law pertaining to sports. In addition to out-of-court council and assertion of interests, we are prepared to take on full representation before association and federation courts, arbitration courts as well as the state and federal judiciary. Our unique experience and contacts have established us as one of the go to firms for the counseling of professional athletes, especially in the world of soccer and motor sports, providing assistance and advice in both legal and day-to-day matters.

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